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Cultural exchanges enhance people-to-people bonds

Cultural exchanges enhance people-to-people bonds

An art troupe from Yunnan perfoms in Bangladesh in this January. (Liu Ziyu)

On August 27th, the 2019 Bangladesh-China Youth Camp opened at Yunnan University. In nearly two weeks, 150 young people from Bangladesh learned the Chinese language, attended special lectures, paid field visits and participated in other cultural activities. They not only learned more about Yunnan but also had an unforgettable experience of a lifetime

To strengthen cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries, the Chinese government has been inviting 150 Bangladeshi youths to visit China on a yearly basis since 2017. Yunnan University has hosted the programme for three consecutive years.

Cultural exchanges have always played a positive role in promoting mutual understanding between the Chinese and Bangladesh peoples. Yunnan has sent a number of art groups to various cultural events in Bangladesh. They have shared the same stages with Bangladeshi artists and introduced Yunnan's unique ethnic culture to the Bangladesh audience. Meanwhile, Yunnan people have also learned the Bangladeshi culture and art through the China-South Asia Expo and other platforms. At the 5th China-South Asia Expo in 2018, for example, the folk paintings by a female Bangladeshi artist were hailed by Kunming citizens.

Education is a key area of cultural exchanges between the two countries. As early as in 2006, Yunnan University collaborated with the North and South University of Bangladesh in establishing the Confucius Institute, laying a solid foundation for educational cooperation and exchanges. Today, Yunnan and Bangladesh are furthering their educational cooperation. Also, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan Minzu University, Kunming Medical University, Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other universities in the province have established cooperative relations with higher learning institutions in Bangladesh, bringing the cooperation in language education, academic exchanges, personnel training and other areas to a new height. So far, the statistics of the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Kunming show that more than 1,000 Bangladeshi students have studied at various universities in Yunnan.