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75pc areas of RCC to be freed from water-logging
‘Tk 193cr construction works of 93km drains are on the final stage’
BSS, Rajshahi

75pc areas of RCC to be freed from water-logging

Around seventy-five per cent of the city areas are expected to be freed from water-logging after implementation of an on-going drain construction project by June next. Currently, the Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC) has been implementing the project titled “Drain Construction for Removing Water-logging in Rajshahi city (Third Phase)” in order to install a planned drainage system through removing its existing constraints. Salient feature of the project is to improve the physical infrastructural environment through building a time-fitting and sustainable water sewerage system that will contribute a lot towards attaining the cherished goal of boosting working capacity and economic condition of the city.

Executive Engineer and Director of the project Nur Islam told BSS that the project is being implemented as continuation of implementation of the previous first and second phases as per the recommendations of a 27-year drainage master plan.

Under the project Taka 193.29-crore (proposed), construction works of 93.40-km drains including 67.75-km tertiary and 19.29-km secondary ones are on the final stage with the main thrust of freeing the city’s lion-portion areas from water-logging within near future.

Four railway culverts are being expanded besides construction of 8.67-km approach roads in addition to the procurement of two long-boom excavators and two rubber trucks under the project.

Existing problems relating to unfit and narrow sections of the present drains and its low-sewerage capacity will be removed. All the culverts are gradually being widened besides removing the silts from base of the drains to enhance the sewerage capacity under this project.

Engineer Islam said the physical infrastructure development works are being implemented in order to attain the goal of developing the overall environmental health system through building an effective and permanent water sewerage system in the city.

Upon its successful implementation by June, 2020, the project will free the city’s 75 per cent areas from water-logging and more than 70 per cent population will be benefited either directly or indirectly from the improved physical infrastructures.

Earlier, 54 per cent city areas were freed from water-logging and 60 per cent of people were benefited with implementation of the two previous phases of the drainage project until July, 2008.