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‘Monga’ does not exist in Rangpur
BSS, Rangpur

‘Monga’ does not exist in Rangpur

The seasonal joblessness-like poverty situation of ‘monga’ does not exist anymore for the eleventh consecutive year this time in Rangpur region where the poor are leading a normal life.

According to officials, academics and development experts, implementation of wide-ranging steps of the government has effectively eradicated ‘monga’, relieving the poor from the vicious cycle of poverty.

Talking to BSS, Chairman of Rangpur-based research organisation Northbengal Institute of Development Studies Dr Syed Samsuzzaman said living standard of the poor has improved following their engagements with various income generating activities (IGAs).

The government’s massive social safety net programs (SSNPs), skill enhancing training for youths, microcredit and various allowances and other assistance and cooperation of donor agencies and development partners helped eradicating ‘monga’.

“The word ‘monga’ has literally become a historical term with its permanent departure following the decisive political will of the present government and taking effective steps for eradicating the seasonal curse in last eleven years,” Samsuzzaman said.

Availing assistance of the government, the poor are achieving self-reliance through small-scale enterprises, cottage industries, sewing garments, waving, homestead farming, pisciculture, rearing poultry birds, animals and many other ventures.

“Though the poorer section people had to live amid untold miseries for lack of farm activities on crop lands during the months of ‘Aswin’ and ‘Kartik’, over a decade ago, they are now leading a normal life,” Samsuzzaman added.

Associate Professor of Begum Rokeya University Dr Tuhin Wadud said implementation of massive SSNPs has created huge opportunities for IGAs relieving the poor from the clutches of illegal money lenders and generational seasonal poverty.

The most effective SSNPs include Test Relief, Food for Work, Works for Taka, Vulnerable Group Development, Vulnerable Group Feeding, employment generations, Asrayan and Cluster Village projects, various other assistance and allowances.

“Following successful implementation of various steps by the present government, ‘monga’ socio-economic condition of the poor has improved in Rangpur region,” Tuhin added.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) of Rangpur Syed Enamul Kabir said ‘Asrayan Prakalpa’ alone has ended sufferings of over 4,500 homeless families by providing shelters and assistance to rebuild their life in Rangpur alone.

“After getting training and assistance, rehabilitated families at ‘Asrayan Prakalpa’ are earning well through IGAs and they have small-scale enterprises, cows, goats, poultry birds, homestead garden, kitchen, sanitary latrine and hygiene facilities,” he said.