POST TIME: 12 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Minister asks derailed people to return to normal life
BSS, Rangpur

Minister asks derailed  people to return   
to normal life

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi has urged the derailed people to come back to the normal life and contribute to the nation building activities.

“None is a criminal by birth— some people become derailed by committing social crimes due to surrounding environment and situations—they should come to the path of light to lead a normal life with the family members,” he said in a function arranged for rehabilitating 13 professional robbers on Sunday here.

The function was organised by upazila administration at Haridebpur union parishad premises under Sadar upazila of the district attended by the minister as the chief guest.

Under the initiative of upazila Chairman Nasima Zaman Boby, the Minister distributed 13 battery-run rickshaw vans among the professional robbers of Haridebpur union to assist them in beginning normal life.

Earlier, Boby searched out the 13 professional robbers, sheltered them at Haridebpur union parishad premises and inspired them in coming back to normal life from darkness by counseling and conducting motivational activities during the last one year.

Under the “Return to the path of light” project initiated by Boby, also a union level member of Awami League, the robbers were given cost-free foods and provided knowledge on literacy, religion and social values during the period.

Rangpur Sadar upazila parishad procured the 13 rickshaw vans at a cost of Taka five-lakh with funding of the Annual Development Program (ADP) to bring the robbers back to normal life.Presided over by Nasima Zaman Boby, Superintendent of Police Biplob Kumar Sarkar, Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Ishraat Sadia Sumi, Chairmen Iqbal Hossain of Haridebpur union, Amenur Rahman of Chandanpat union and Sohel Rana of Saddyapuskorini union and Officer-in-Charge of Rangpur Sadar Kotwali Thana Sajedul Islam attended the function.

On the occasion, Nasima Zaman Boby said she tried her best to bring the 13 professional robbers back to a normal and happy life through counseling and providing them training and knowledge for the last one year.

‘I am especially grateful to Sadar UNO Ishraat Sadia Sumi and Haridebpur union Chairman Iqbal Hossain for their sincere assistance in rehabilitating and bringing back the robbers to normal life and establish peaceful law and order in the area,” Boby added.