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PM’s uncompromising stance against casinos
Any sort of good effort or initiative planned to serve the purpose of greater common good deserves to be welcomed by all who opt for a positive change
Sakib Hasan

PM’s uncompromising stance against casinos

The on-going crackdown against illegal casinos pr gambling by the directive and supervision of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is obviously another step ahead towards her uncompromising stand in fulfilling her commitment to root out the tentacles of corruption. In a press briefing prior to her departure for Azerbizan’s capital Baku, Sheikh Hasina strongly reiterated her government’s strong stance against illegal casino business in the capital and other cities of Bangladesh. She stated in unequivocal terms that none will be spared from the drives irrespective of social position and political identity if there are specific allegations against the persons concerned. While answering a question regarding BNP’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s remark terming the anti-casino operations as an eye-wash, the PM said, ‘‘Wait and see.”

When a government launches its anti-casino drives right from its own house, the integrity and impartiality behind such drives become crystal clear. When most of those nabbed by the law-enforcing agencies while conducting the operation, no questions and doubts can be raised prima facie. It will be quite irresponsible and irrational to conclude at the moment that the drives are all eyewash. Those who have been caught in the current operations happen to be the stalwarts and members of the top brass of Awami League holding very key offices. Now they are in the process of trial and it is not the right time to make any comment while the cases are in the procedural channels.

Those who are cynics can make such negative comments just for the sake of making comments against their opponents. While in the government, activities and actions of these people are known to all. They amassed heaps of wealth and money and all of them enjoyed impunity let alone being brought to the book. We also know the notorious Hawa Bhaban as the centre of corruption and all sorts of illegal transactions and correspondences. Gradually this notorious Bhaban grew into a super powerhouse and eventually served as a government-within-government. No action was taken against this corruption centre then.

Beginning of the day always does not show the weather of the whole day. Even the diehard critic will agree that Awami League government under the courageous leadership of Sheikh Hasina has already fulfilled many of its avowed commitments including the trial and subsequent execution of war criminals and the process is still going on and only recently the Supreme Court the death sentence of Jamat leader A.T.M Azharul Islam. Grenade attack case has been disposed off and the real culprits have been sentenced as per the existing law. All these are but a few of the innumerable concrete evidences of Sheikh Hasina’s unswerving commitment towards trial and justice.

Before leaving for Baku to join the 18th NAM summit, the PM has once again asserted that there is no space of fear in her dictionary. Yes, she is very correct in her assertion since she has successfully completed many of the most challenging and risky trials. Now she has just started reading the Casino Black book and is opening its pages one after another. This time she is first reading the pages of her own party men have been listed by the anti-corruption commission. It is easy to make a reasonable person to accept a truth. However, it is nearly an impossible mission to make a confirmed non-believer to believe a truth. I firmly believe that the majority have been convinced of the honest intentions of the government behind the anti-casino drives. Let the cynic wait and see what comes next.

The second phase of the anti-casino drives is yet to be launched. After collecting and analysing the confessional statements extracted from those already in custody and remand. It obviously requires some time to complete the process and necessary formalities needed. We will have to wait until the process and these necessary formalities are completed. If some people grow impatient, the process of law will not change its course. We do not want an aborted delivery of justice. Rather, with a view to getting authenticated justice we need to wait and for the sake of justice we will wait with patience. The fruits of patience are sweet as the popular proverb says it. So, of course, it is better late than never.

Any sort of good effort or initiative planned to serve the purpose of greater common good deserves to be welcomed by all who opt for a positive change. Being a burning issue of Bangladesh, casino scandal has become the talk of the country and people of Bangladesh are eagerly waiting to see the satisfactory conclusion as per their expectations. Any sort of haste in dealing with this very delicate issue may misdirect the aim of this drive. Similarly, any negative or motivated comments or remarks that may put strain upon the government in the halfway through may deprive the people in reaping the optimum benefits from the drives going on against the casino business.

We expect that the prime minister will remain ever vigilant about the flatterers so that they cannot misguide her. These disguised beneficiaries lie dormant within the party and there is an apprehension that they may surface at any time misleading the prime minister otherwise. It is really a time of test and trial for the prime minister to ensure that the expectations of the overwhelming majority of the people will be fulfilled and no evil element will be allowed to snatch away the core desire of the millions.  

The writer, an Assistant Professor of English, Bogura Cantonment Public School & College, is a contributor to The Independent  E-mail:shasanbogra1@gmail.com