POST TIME: 8 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Malaysia opening market for Bangladesh workers

Malaysia opening market for Bangladesh workers

After a hiatus of more than a year, the Malaysian government has reopened the labour market for workers from Bangladesh. In this regard, an agreement was signed between the two nations in Putrajaya, Malaysia, recently. This is indeed favourable news for Bangladesh since the closure of the market resulted in many young skilled workers either trying their luck in unknown far flung countries or falling prey to unethical manpower dealers.

Malaysia is a tested ground for us; both nations are bound by religion, a bond of fraternity and every year, countless Bangladeshi tourists go to Malaysia for holiday with many owning residence in the country, known globally as an Asian economic powerhouse. The stoppage of taking workers from Bangladesh stemmed from a widespread abuse of the operation with the whole process manipulated by a cartel. Consequently, people were becoming hostages to certain groups who were controlling the system that hoodwinked workers, forcing them to pay several hidden charges.

Anyway, since a deal has been made between the states, the priority must be given on the transparent system involving, preferably, applications made online. The government of Bangladesh should declare the norms, regulations and fees while the Malaysian authority has to be provided an unambiguous picture of what the prospective worker will be doing. There have been countless complaints in the past where workers were taken abroad with promises of one kind of work and then were made to do something totally different, usually something demeaning or strenuous.

The list of work has to be made open to all so those wanting to go abroad will know the ins and outs of the tasks required of them. The ministry of expatriate welfare can arrange a special Malaysia related fair which will also feature companies that are willing to hire workers. Such a platform should have booths from the ministries of both countries to answer the questions of those willing to offer their services. No cartel or syndicate should be allowed to creep in and at all times, there has to be government intervention so people can easily differentiate between the right and the concocted.

In recent times, many workers came back from the Gulf countries, unable to accept inhumane conditions plus abuse; therefore, Bangladesh has to ensure that work conditions in Malaysia do not hamper a person’s sense of dignity. Remittance from workers overseas keeps our foreign deposit robust but no amount of economic prosperity can supersede the need to ensure safety and security of workers abroad.