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Sponsors will get preference to give names of their BPL teams
BCB finalises players’ draft November 17
Sports Reporter, Dhaka

Sponsors will get preference to give names of their BPL teams

Nazmul Hassan Papon

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has decided to gorgeously hold the opening ceremony of the ensuing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) on December 8 matching with the government declared date what they will start the countdown of the Bangabandhu centenary birth anniversary. The board has also finalised the starting of the BPL from November 17 following the BPL Players’ Draft what will be taken placed on December 11.

BCB President Nazmul Hasan Papon confirmed it to media after coming out from a closed-door meeting at the BCB Management Office of the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium (SBNCS) in Mirpur yesterday.

Papon also confirmed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given her consent to inaugurate the dazzling opening ceremony of the BPL, which has been named after the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman “Bangabandhu-BPL”.

“Initially BPL was scheduled to start on December 6. We had been planning to arrange an opening ceremony for what we’re worried about which time we’ll do it. But it may be delayed what we told earlier of the time. You all will be glad to know that the countdown of the Bangabandhu BPL is being started from December 8 what already announced by the government,” said Nazmul Hassan Papon.

“When we went to meet Honourable Prime Minister and take a date from her, she has given us her consent to grace the opening ceremony and inaugurate the programme on December 8. It’s a great matter for us all that we are going to start the Bangabandhu centenary birth anniversary with cricket, with our BPL programme,” Papon told media.

“In the meantime, our Test is being started on November 14. Then we are seeking the availability of the hotel. We tried to hold the players’ draft on November 16 but we have booked hotel on November 17. And the BPL will start on December 11,” he added.

When asked about the length and genre of the opening ceremony, the BCB president said they want to organise an opening ceremony in such a way that will be enthralled with its gorgeousness.

He also said they have finalized some matters including the seat arrangement for the spectators and building of the stage with the opening day programme.

“The opening ceremony should be festive and gorgeous as it is being held after the name of the Bangabandhu. We can at least say from the cricket board that we can’t hold any such opening ceremony like that yet. We have wishes to do that kind of programme what we have finalized it today,” he replied.

“We have seated for discussion how will be the staff and management of the team. We have talked about how much spectators will be present and how and when they will come and where the stage will be erected what we have finalized,” he added.

BCB boss said they have almost finalised five team’s sponsor partners and the rest of the partners will soon be declared by next Sunday.

“There will be seven teams. We have already selected five of the teams’ sponsor partners for the BPL whom we can give and we will give the rights of the teams’ sponsors. We have received more IOE than this. The rest of the two sponsors BCB might be run itself. If BCB run the teams, in that case, the BCB will form the team who will be charged with those teams. We will appoint coach and other staff. This is what it is,” he said.

“We are thinking so. Our first work is to declare who will get the team. We will declare the names by Sunday. Then we will ask coaches to come. Before the players’ draft, they will do what is needed for the team’s formation.

The BCB president said they will name the teams but the sponsors will get preferences to name the teams.

“The names of the BPL teams will be remained the same but it’s confirmed that there will be no name remained Dynamites with Dhaka. What will be Dhaka we are yet to fix. Team sponsor will define the name of the BPL team. Coming into BPL, sponsors don’t tell they will fix the name. We’ll fix the name and which team they’ll get. But we’ll give them a preference to name the team,” he said.

“We have already selected four coaches for the four teams. We can’t tell their names as we are yet to sign a contract with them. But they confirmed themselves for the BPL. Those who are looking to work for our national team are that standard,” he said.

“There are 400 more foreign players. But we can’t say who will be picked from the players’ draft. Already we have 400 more players. The famed and well-known coaches showed their interests. One-two will get more honorariums but as it is run by the board, we will not give them more if they want more. We will give them as standard coach,” he said, signing off.