POST TIME: 6 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Employees of Sanofi Bangladesh postpone protest for two weeks

Employees of Sanofi Bangladesh 
postpone protest for two weeks

Employees of a multinational pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Bangladesh, yesterday postponed their protest against the company for two weeks. The Sanofi employees have been demonstrating for more than a month in demand of compensation as the company is going to wind up its operation in Bangladesh. Last week, the Sanofi authorities had warned its protesting employees that they would not get paid if they did not go back to work immediately.

General secretary of the Sanofi Officers' Association, Sanjib Kumar Chakroborty, said: "We have postponed our protest programme considering the reputation of Sanofi and patients in Bangladesh."

However, the employees gave the pharmaceutical company a two-week ultimatum for meeting their demand for compensation. Otherwise, they will resume the protest from November 21.

The Sanofi authorities had assured them of fulfilling the employees' demand within the given time, Sanjib said.

On October 7, workers of Sanofi Bangladesh formed a human chain in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka and gave the company a 72-hour ultimatum, demanding a severance plan. On October 27, the biopharmaceutical giant issued the warning, citing the 'no work no pay' policy. On October 31, the employees threatened to go on a symbolic hunger strike if their demand was not met.

Majharul Islam, publicity secretary of the Sanofi Bangladesh Officers' Development Council, said: "The decision to sell the shares of the company will hurt our country."

If Sanofi provides compensation through a third party, many of the employees will lose their jobs, he added.

As a result, the employees have been demanding job security until the issue is resolved, opposing any third party involvement in compensation-related issues, he explained.