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Stress on using biorational pest management tech in farming
BSS, Rajshahi

Stress on using biorational pest management tech in farming

Entomological scientists and researchers concerned viewed large-scale promotion of biorational pest management in fruit and vegetable farming has become crucial for freeing the fruits and vegetables production from toxic chemical pesticides. They mentioned that the role of fruits and vegetable farming and its production is very important for both the economy and nutrition. A biorational pesticide is a term used to define any pesticide material that relatively causes no harm to humans or animals, and does little or no damage to the environment.

Successful application of bio-rational pest management technologies can be a vital means of protecting the importance as the government has a policy of ensuring food and nutritional security. The experts came up with the observation while addressing the inaugural session of a daylong training workshop for the trainers titled ‘Application of Bio-rational Based Pest Management Technology in Fruit and Vegetable Farming’ at the conference hall of Fruit Research Station (FRS) in Rajshahi yesterday.

Entomology Division of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) hosted the programme in association with its ‘Development and Expansion of Bio-rational-based Integrated Pest Management Technologies of Vegetables, Fruits and Betel Leaf’ project. Over 210 teachers from different high schools in the region took part in the training workshop.

Additional Secretary (Research) of the Ministry of Agriculture Komolaranjan Das addressed the session as the chief guest while Additional Director of the Department of Agriculture Extension Deb Dulal Dhali and its Deputy Director Shamsul Haque spoke as special guests with Dr Debasish Sarker, Chief Scientific Officer of BARI’s Entomology Division and Director of the project, in the chair.

Komolaranjan Das urged the participants to motivate the growers to follow only the guideline of the field level agricultural officials and scientists instead of any insecticide dealers and sellers during the fruit and vegetable farming from its nursing to harvesting for the sake of a sound public health and environment.

Using chemical pesticides in farming fields is always harmful to soil and public health, crops and environment. So, there is no way but to giving utmost importance towards promoting biorational pest management widely.

Dr Debasish Sarker told the meeting that BARI has developed a number of bio-rational-based integrated pest management technologies of fruit and vegetable and has been expanding those to farmers level through various training and motivational programmes. Principal Scientific Officers Dr Alim Uddin, Dr Nirmal Kumar Datta, Dr Sultan Ahmed and Dr Ziaur Rahman and Senior Scientific Officers Dr Akhteruzzaman and Dr Iqbal Faruque also spoke.