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Girl students’ progress laudable

Girl students’ progress laudable

It is interesting to note that girl examinees in the Junior School Certificate (JSC) and equivalent exams continue to outnumber their male counterparts. This year, 14,39,987 girls will sit for the JSC and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exams and the number of boys is 12,21,695. Last year, the numbers of girl and boy examinees were 14,46,601 and 12,23,732 respectively. This means that the number of girls has increased by 2,22,869.

Two and a half decades back the scenario was quite different: the percentage of boys was higher by 10 per cent. However, there is no reason for begrudging the numerical superiority of girls over boys. The present government deserves plaudits for taking a few pragmatic measures for promoting female education in the country in recent times. The swelling number of girls at junior level testifies to that. What is needed now is to maintain this rising trend.

Girls are also showing considerable promises in different public examinations and shining in different sectors of life. It is a reality that there is no scope for girls to remain confined to household chores alone. They will have to go ahead to face the challenges that await them for the wellbeing of their families as well as the state. For the country’s continued progress there is no scope for women to lag behind.

However, a few setbacks are jeopardising the women’s onward journey.   Rate of dropouts from schools though has been reduced considerably is still a matter of concern. This problem looms large mostly in rural areas. Besides, impoverished parents in rural areas find it easy to marry off their minor daughters rather than sending them to schools. Besides, people belonging to the disadvantaged sections are not free from the menace of sexual harassment of their girls perpetrated by the ones belonging to comparatively better economic status.

The representation of women in higher education is not that much satisfactory. The job opportunities for women are also limited other than the apparel sector. Those should be widened substantially. One thing is noticeable. Women in increasing number are taking to teaching, medical science and nursing profession. Their presence in administration, defence, engineering, banking and other sectors are not yet significant.

This warrants notice of the government. Their presence in those sectors should be increased.