POST TIME: 23 October, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Mehazabien in three dramas of same director

in three dramas of same director

Having completed the work of a tele-drama titled ‘Insecurity’ under young director Mohidul Mohim last week, popular actress Mehazabien Chowdhury is now working in two more tele-dramas of the same director.

Meanwhile, Mehazabien has yesterday finished the work of a tele-drama titled ‘Flat B2’ directed by Mohim and written by Masudul Alam. Also, the actress is likely to remain busy today and tomorrow with the shooting of yet another tele-drama ‘Zebra Crossing’ of the same director.

Mehazabien said about working in the tele-dramas, “As Mohim Bhai (director Mohidul Mohim) himself scripts tele-dramas, he spends time after exclusive story idea. For this reason, we always get a different type of story from him. Also, as a director, his thoughts contain much uniqueness.”

“Working always in an organised manner, he tries to present the viewers a wonderful production. The stories of all three dramas-- ‘Insecurity’, ‘Flat B2’ and ‘Zebra Crossing’--are beautiful. I expect the dramas will be enjoyable to the viewers”, the lustrous actress added.

The tele-dramas will be aired on three different channels very soon, director Mohim informed.

Mehazabien-starrer popular dramas under Mohim’s direction are ‘Golapi Kameez’, ‘Mon Bodol’ and ‘Bhai Prochur Dawat Khay’, among others.