POST TIME: 23 October, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Eviction drive begins in Rangpur
BSS, Rangpur

Eviction drive begins in Rangpur

A mobile court, jointly conducted by Rangpur City Corporation (RpCC) and Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RpMP), on Monday began a drive for evicting illegal shops, structures and other establishments from roadside places and footpaths in the city. The mobile court, led by Executive Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner of the district administration Raihanul Islam, is being launched for demolishing illegally occupied structures from Rangpur city.
During the drives, the mobile court evicted the illegally erected shops, structures and places for parking cars and freed illegally occupied footpaths from Jiban Bima crossing point to Katchari Bazaar areas in the city.
The Executive Magistrate told local reporters that the eviction drive will continue to evict or demolish all illegal structures and establishments from the illegally occupied footpaths and roadside places in the city.