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Host Ctg Abahani recruit another Ghanian World Cupper Tagoe

Host Ctg Abahani recruit another
Ghanian World Cupper Tagoe

Prince Tagoe of Ghana was one of the members of the Black Stars at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, might be going to be another World Cup player will play in Bangladesh when Chittagong Abahani Limited brought him for coming season.

Tagoe arrived here on October 17 to play in the ongoing Sheikh Kamal International football tournament but could not play the first match for Chittagong Abahani because  he was not enough fit due to jetlag.

Tagoe had to travel a long from Abuja to Dhaka and became very tired and yet to get rid of the tiredness when the manager of the Chittagong Abahani Limited Arman Aziz informed this reporter that he (Tagoe) can’t avoid his weakness, as his timing of sleeping time is very indifferent to his country.

Considering his condition coach of the Chittagong Abahani Maruful Haque, who also joined the recently did not take the risk to field him, though he was in the substitute list and was present in the side bench.

However, Prince Tagoe is a professional footballer who plays as a striker at international level and played for Ghana national team as the central forward. He played Ghana 36 international matches and scored seven goals.  

The 34 years tall man of 1:88 meters currently the players of Club African, Prince Tagoe will remember for ever their shocking 4-2 defeat in penalty shoot-out to Uruguay in the quarterfinal match.

Tagoe when talking yesterday to this correspondent yesterday, who was also one of the eyewitness of that historical Ghana-Uruguay match at a local hotel of the Port City also recollected the memory of that match when they despite leading the match with a goal in the first half injury time, “Really it was a big match, huge drama is really unforgettable, because to lose the match was very unfortunate but it is football, it’s happening in football.”

It was great drama of that match while Ghana led the first half and in the early second half Uruguay levelled it and in the injury time of extra 30 minutes times Uruguay could not convert a penalty and finally went down with 4-2 defeat in the tie breaker.

Tagoe has idea about Asian football as he said, “I have some idea about Asian football, as I played in Saudi Arabia, played in Asian Champions League for Al Shaba.”

Whether it was the reason not to playing in the first match of Chittagong Abahani, Tagoe said, “It is the decision of coach he wants to make sure the win of the team, it is not necessary I have to play, team that’s good.”

Tagoe though said that one of the most terrific odd experiences was their match against Uruguay in 2010 World Cup, but the best memory of his career is playing his first match in the World Cup against Saudi Arabia, “Actually the best memory in my playing career was to playing the first match in the World Cup 2010 against Saudi Arabia.”