POST TIME: 20 October, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Mim in two new TVCs

Mim in two new TVCs

After having experienced a delightful time came through the success of her latest film ‘Shapludu’, lustrous actor Bidya Sinha Mim is now working as a model in two new television commercial (TVC) in the current month.

Meanwhile, Mim has already taken part in the shooting of a TVC at a five-star hotel in the capital last Friday. The TVC is being made for a multinational real estate company under the direction of Sanak Mitra.

Moreover, Mim will work in another TVC on October 28. Talented director Amitabh Reza will make the TVC for a multinational company’s oil product.

Mim said about working in two new back-to-back TVCs, “For multiple reasons, I am always comfortable with working in the TVC. Firstly, a TVC brings an artiste round-the-year response. Secondly, working in a TVC involves less time than other projects, but it’s true that it requires real hard work. Overall, I always enjoy my involvement in any TVC a lot.”

“I previously worked under the direction of Sanak Da (Sanak Mitra). The new TVC under his direction seems to be a wonderful work with a beautiful concept. On the other hand, I always have faith in the work of Amitabh Bhai (Amitabh Reza) and I hope our new venture would also be a great work”, Mim added while sharing her experience with the directors of the TVCs.

Both the TVCs are likely to hit different TV channels very soon, Mim informed.