POST TIME: 15 October, 2019 11:18:28 AM
For the love of Earrings!
When it comes to adding that final touch to your outfit, nothing does it better than a good pair of earrings.
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For the love of Earrings!

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Whether you are wearing chandelier earrings, geometric shapes or hoops, you’re nailing the trend this year. Along with other accessories, earrings add that much needed final touch to make your outfit stand out. Earring featuring materials like wood and beads embraces elevated craftsmanship and these trendy creations  can be paired with everything from formal to beachwear.

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Ethnic: Ethnic earrings this season, are larger than life. Materials like meenakari to rhinestones are being used to design oversized earrings that dazzle with ethnic wear.

Over sized hoops: Over sized hoops with different shapes and colours add the glam factor and can be worn on for casual and formal looks. This style will never fade. Square hoops are high on fashion.

Shoulder Length and Chunky Earrings: These, add more drama and glam to the outfit and is soon becoming very popular amongst fashionistas. They are just the right amount of extra for you to stand out.

Acrylic and Quirky Graphic Earrings: These are unique, statement party wear earrings. They are readily available or can be customised to suit your personality.

Shoulder length leather earrings: This season, you can see some leather straps studded with style, almost replicating belts or a single rhinestone-covered dangly earring.

Earcuffs: Wings with cuffs are in and make a very unique statement. They can be worn with western as well as ethnic outfits. You can choose from a variety of small cuff that wrap around the ears to more graphic ones. Gold pieces molded to look like ears sit majestically on the ears. Feather cuffs are in the vogue as well.

How to style earrings: Choose the right kind of earring for your face shape and the occasion.

Those with a small face structure should choose delicate earrings that complement their beauty. Large, or chunky styles will overpower those with finer features. Those with large and stunning features and more solid bone structure can wear the bigger kind. Opt for medium-length earrings or mid-sized studs.

Ensure to choose a earring which will also compliment your complexion.

If your attire is simple then you can feel free and go all out and vice-versa.