POST TIME: 14 October, 2019 00:00 00 AM
AL doesn’t want ban on student politics, says Quader

AL doesn’t want ban on student politics, says Quader

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader talks to the press at Rajshahi Circuit House in Rajshahi yesterday. Star Mail Photo

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has said that Awami League does not support the idea of banning student politics, but legal action will be taken if anyone commits any misdeed in the name of politics. He came up with the remarks yesterday while talking to reporters at the Circuit House in Rajshahi town before attending the conference of divisional Awami League representatives. Responding to a query on banning student politics on campus, he said, “We are not in favour of banning student politics.” According to him, “Student politics is not at fault. Those committing illegal activities in the name of student politics are at fault and they will not be spared.” Asked about the ongoing drives against casino business and corruption, Quader said all those involved in such activities are under the surveillance of law enforcers.

“A purification drive has begun within the party. It will continue throughout the country and not at all be limited to Dhaka. And all of those involved, irrespective of party affiliations, will be brought to book,” said Quader, who is also the Road Transport and Bridges Minister. Replying to a query about the absence of Juba League Chairman Omar Faruk at its presidium meeting and about his bank account enquiry, Quader said it will be known later whether he is under surveillance or not. Addressing the party’s Rajshahi divisional delegation conference, the AL general secretary also said, “We want a smart, modern Awami League. We don’t want any polluted blood in the party.”

Some 240 district and upazila level presidents and general secretaries of the party from all eight districts under the division attended the conference.