POST TIME: 14 October, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Bourses continue downbeat
BSS, Dhaka

Bourses continue downbeat

Country’s capital bourse, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), yesterday ended maintaining downbeat of previous day’s trading session.

With a loss of 48.34 points or 1.00 per cent from the previous day, the broad index, DSEX closed in red at 4761.87 points yesterday.

Besides, the two selective indices, DSE30 also declined by 15.37 points while the Shariah index, DSES decreased by

11.74 points to stand at 1689.16 points and 1099.87 points respectively.

The depressed market outlook kept the investors worried, which displayed poor market participation and dropped below Tk 3.0 billion.

On the DSE trading floor, a total number of 100,937 trades were executed in today’s trading session with a trading volume of 85.99 million securities.

Losers took a strong lead over the gainers as out of 345 issues traded, 41 securities gained price while 267 declined and 37 remained unchanged.

All the sectors, especially telecom, engineering, financial institutions, textile, bank, and fuel and power sectors contributed notably to the fall of the indices.

Top ten traded stocks captured around 38.6 per cent of the day’s total turnover where national tubes topped the turnover list with 8.5 per cent contribution.

Most of the sectors witnessed correction today. Among the major sectors based on market capitalization-telecom (-2.2 per cent), engineering (-2.4 per cent), financial institution (-2.0 per cent), textile (-2.3 per cent) and bank (-0.6 per cent) sectors witnessed price correction while jute (5.0 per cent) and pharma (0.1 per cent) sectors achieved price appreciation.

The investors’ activity was mostly centered on engineering (21.9 per cent), pharma (20.0 per cent) and textile (8.2 per cent) sectors while national tubes (8.5 per cent), Wata Chemicals (4.9 per cent) and Beacon pharma (4.4 per cent) led the turnover board today, according to International Leasing Securities.

The top ten gainers were Sonali Ansh, ML Dying, Rahim Tex, CAPM IBBL Mutual Fund, Pharma Aid, BD Lamps, Western Marine Shipyard, Mutual Trust Bank, Square Pharma and Ambee Pharman.

The top ten losers were Mozaffar Hossain Spinning, Fortune Shoes, RN Spinning, Monno Ceramics, Zahin Tex, Kattali Tex, Nahee Aluminum, National Polymar, ICB Employee Mutual Fund 1 Scheme 1 and Prime Insurance.

Besides, the port city bourse, Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) registered a downbeat maintaining the previous day. CSCX and CASPI decreased by 86.13 points and 145.19 points to stand at 8814.43 points and 14510.21 points respectively.

At CSE, a total of 5,284,095 shares and mutual fund of 236 companies were traded, of which 30 issues advanced while 181 declined and 25 issues remained unchanged.