POST TIME: 23 September, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Sorry state of 274 primary schools in Chandpur

Sorry state of 274 primary schools in Chandpur

A total of 274 government primary school buildings in eight upazilas here have been declared unfit for holding classes.

The head teachers concerned have been asked not to arrange any classes in these vulnerable buildings. However, teachers and students have no way but to carry on academic activities in the buildings with serious risk. Some school authorities are trying to arrange classes under the open sky .

According to sources, there are 1,156 government  primary schools in the district.

There are 27 such dilapidated school buildings in Chandpur Sadar, 37 in Matlab Uttar, 80 in Faridganj, 43 in Hajiganj, 28 in Shahrasti, 27 in Matlab Dakhshin, four in Haimchar 4 and 26 in Kochua.

Deshgaon Government Primary School (Hajiganj') head teacher Md Shafiqur Rahman told The Independent that they had been carrying on academic activities inside the risky school building.

"On rainy days,we are send back home to avoid any untoward incident like the collapse of the roof," said a student.

In Hajiganj upazila, the building of Gondhorvopur Government Primary School (no. 28) is also dilapidated. In 2018, the building was officially declared abandoned.

Headmistress Selina Akter has said: "We have 200 pupils. We have no way but to arrange classes in the abandoned building."

Chandpur Purbo Jafrabad Government Primary School head teacher Jayanti Saha dexcribed the same situation. District primary education officer  Md Shahabuddin said: "Last July, we informed the authorities concerned about this matter. We hope to a positive response soon."

"We are trying to arrange classes for children in safe rooms instead of those risky buildings," he added.