POST TIME: 12 September, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Birth certificate forgery
RAB arrest 6 in N’Ganj
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

RAB arrest 6 in N’Ganj

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) members yesterday arrested six people from Narayanganj on the charges of producing fake birth certificates. The certificates were provided to the Rohingyas so that they can use the documents to make Bangladeshi passports, a RAB official said.

Talking to The Independent, RAB 2 Company Commander Mohiuddin Faruk said, among the held, two of them are City Corporation and union parishad employees. The accused are Mamun, Mainuddin, Fojlul Karim, Saiful Islam, Jahangir and Abir. The accused people charged around Tk 10,000 – 12,000 to make a birth certificate with fake Bangladeshi identity, said the RAB official.

RAB also seized 13 fake birth certificates under their possession. During the initial investigation, they admitted their guilt and acknowledged that they made at least 25,000 fake birth certificates so far, added the elite force commander said. Legal measures are underway regarding the issue, concluded Mohiuddin.