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‘Mayaboti’: A step towards understanding ‘No Means No’
Film hits countrywide cinemas tomorrow

‘Mayaboti’: A step towards understanding ‘No Means No’

(From left) Yash, Tisha and Arun Chowhdury pose for a photo at the press meet. Photo : collected

With the slogan ‘No Means No’, the latest big-screen venture titled ‘Mayaboti’ directed by noted dramatist-turned-filmmaker Arun Chowdhury is set to hit the countrywide cinemas tomorrow. The film stars popular actress Nusrat Imrose Tisha and young actor Yash Rohan in the lead roles.  

In order to discuss more about the film, a friendly gathering--participated by the cast and crew of the film and journalists from different media outlets--took place at a restaurant in the capital on Monday.

Accompanied by director Arun Chowdhury, among others, Tisha, Yash, Noresh Bhuiyan, Afroza Banu, child artiste Mim, singer Agoon and music director Farid Ahmed were present at the event anchored by Rumman Rashid Khan.

While playing a unique character in ‘Mayaboti’, Tisha, for the first time, has played a title role in any film. She said, “The story of ‘Mayaboti’ sheds light on human trafficking. It contains a beautiful story that can inspire the women. The film with various types of emotional elements will surely engulf the audience. Also, it contains a simple yet powerful message, ‘No Means No’.”

“Everyone has his or her own right to say no to the things that they are not entitled to do. We all should respect such decision. And this is what, Arun Chowdhury tried to portray in the film.”

Earlier worked together in a project with Tisha, this is for the first time that Yash Rohan has paired up with the actress in a film, which is his second big-screen project.

He said about working in the film, “‘Mayaboti’ contains a story of women empowerment. It will inspire the women and others to say no to the things that go against their will. This is my second film and I have learnt a lot from it. It was an amazing educational experience for me.”

Keeping it short, director Arun Chowdhury said about his film, “I had started to write the story of ‘Mayaboti’ because my children asked me to make a film aiming to include the audience and making a positive impact in their minds. When I was writing the story, I discussed with them at every stage of the story’s development. Now, all I can say that the audiences from the different generations will find a story of their liking as the film intends to speak to all generations.”

Jointly produced by Anwar Azad Films and Ananya Srishti Vision, the film also includes Raisul Islam Asad, Afroza Banu, Mamunur Rashid, Dilara Zaman, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Wahida Mallik Jolly, Aruna Biswas and singer Agoon, among others, in different characters.