POST TIME: 9 September, 2019 10:31:14 AM
The journey of a fashion-forward clothing line

The journey of a fashion-forward clothing line

Lina Wafi

Lina Wafi is the proprietor of Lina’s Thousand Things, a successful women’s clothing brand that began as an online clothing business back in 2012.

Recently, Lina shared her entrepreneurial journey and future plans during an interview with The Independent. Here are excerpts:

The Independent: Do tell us about your entrepreneurial journey as the owner of Lina’s Thousand Things.

Lina Wafi: I got involved in the online clothing business in 2012. By 2016, I had developed my own clothing store that used to operate under a different name at the time. Initially, it was just an online shop. We got a very good response from customers and that’s when my hobby turned into a serious business venture.

In 2018, we realised that our customers were keen for us to develop a physical presence. Soon after, we opened our first outlet at Police Plaza. We opened two more branches this year.

The Independent: How much capital did you need to start the business?

Lina Wafi: I started the business with capital of just Tk. 2 lakh. After two years, in 2018, I invested an additional Tk. 10 lakh. At present, Lina’s Thousand Things directly employs 15 people, and we have already opened three branches in different parts of Dhaka.  

The Independent: Do you only sell women’s apparel?

Lina Wafi: Yes. All our outlets have a huge collection of elegant three-piece outfits and fabrics from renowned Pakistani and Indian brands. We also sell clothes manufactured by local brands.

The Independent: How do you source the outfits?

Lina Wafi: I collect the dresses from various sources and am always on the lookout for good clothes with great design. Our customers should be able to choose from among the best products.

The Independent: How do you deliver the product?

Lina Wafi: We have a logistics support team of 20 members that works on delivering the products.

The Independent: What kind of social support do female entrepreneurs need to become successful?

Lina Wafi: Our society has changed a lot. Women entering the job market or doing business is widely accepted nowadays. But many people still discourage female entrepreneurs. If you get strong support from your family, friends and well-wishers, then you should not let discouraging words deter you.

Also important is ensuring security for women. Many women in our country are unable to fulfil their dreams because of a lack of security. If such security is provided then I believe female entrepreneurs will move ahead at a rapid pace.

The Independent: What are your future plans for Lina’s Thousand Things?

Lina Wafi: Like all entrepreneurs, I want to grow my business. I hope to establish Lina’s Thousand Things as a premium brand for high-quality female fashion clothing. In the near future, we shall launch our own clothing line and our own design house.

I dream that Lina’s Thousand Things will become a brand that enables fashion-conscious women to choose from a wide range of international-quality fashion. I want to focus on improving our services and making sure that our online customers are satisfied.

 At the same time, I want to set up more physical outlets and reach out to more people. With the coordinated efforts of well-trained sales and support teams, I hope to provide quality service to our customers.