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Salman pledges to remain beside people of his area

Salman pledges to remain beside people of his area

Salman F Rahman, lawmaker from Dhaka-1 constituency (Dohar-Nawabganj), also prime minister’s private industry and investment adviser, addresses the people gathered at the UNO office in Dohar of Dhaka yesterday. independent photo

Prime Minister’s Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman F Rahman, also Dhaka-1 MP, told the people of his constituency that he strives to remain beside them all the time. “I’m trying to be at your side all the time,” he said while addressing the local people in Dohar Upazila of Dhaka yesterday, as the lawmaker visited his constituency to know about the condition of the people and their needs.

“I’m here to listen to your stories so that I can stand beside you in time of your need,” the lawmaker told some hundred people who gathered at the Upazila Nirbahi Officer’s (UNO) office in Dohar of Dhaka. Earlier, he met another group of people at the UNO office of Nababganj Upazila. Salman said, "I want to prefer getting connected more with the root-level people than the leaders and feel like understanding the sufferings of the people of my constituency."

In Dohar, Mohammad Ali, 70, urged Salman to do something with regard to the dilapidated roads near his house. The lawmaker instructed the local officials concerned to take a look into the matter.

“I’m trying to be at your side all the time,” he said while addressing the local people.

In Nababganj, Salman, who is also Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s private industry and investment advisor, talked to Parboti Rani, 56, who urged him to take care of her daughter Sabita, 26, who has been suffering from severe dengue in the local government hospital.

Salman took steps to send Sabita to Dhaka for better treatment.

Sathi Akhter, 35, brought her five-year-old physically challenged kid before Salman and sought help. Salman took instant action to help her physically challenged son have a better life.

Asaduzzman Molla, 29, an aspiring physically challenged singer from Nababganj area, was also there to meet Salman. He requested the lawmaker for assistance to help him fulfill his long-cherished dream of performing on a bigger stage. Salman assured him of providing with an opportunity.

After completing the events, he attended the farewell programme of police superintendent Shah Mizan Shafiur Rahman.

Praising the police force at the event, the prime minister’s adviser said that the Awami League government is providing sufficient facilities to the police force which helped to reduce anomalies in the force.