POST TIME: 23 August, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Mosharraf eyes to return to field after illness

Mosharraf eyes to return to field after illness

Ailing left-arm spinner Mosharraf Hossain Rubel, who has played five ODIs for Bangladesh eyeing a sensational return to cricket again overcoming his serious illness related to a brain tumour that was diagnosed earlier in March this year.  

The 37-year old spinner said, ‘‘Allah has given me a second life and now I want to return to the field again from the upcoming National Cricket League which is set to be played from October. My strength, vision is same as it was before my illness. Doctor allowed me to run and practice lightly from now on and asked me not to think about chemo therapy. When I play one match in the National League, I’ll understand my situation better. So, I’ve to wait for one match to assess  my condition. But doctor assured me to play cricket. Let’s see what happens,’’ he added.

“I’ve to undergo four more stages starting from September and the process will complete in December. Now, I want to finish it well step by step. People around the country have been praying for me and I’m very grateful to them. With their blessings I’m expecting to play in the BPL as well,” Rubel said.

Talking about his flat selling through a Facebook post  Rubel  said, I needed emergency money that time, but I posted that status to get relief from my physical, mental and financial stress. It was nothing more than that. I just wanted to share about my illness with all and got positive response,’’ said Mosharraf, who is also a regular figure in domestic cricket in Bangladesh.

In the meantime, he also thanked Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for donating Tk 10 lakh as financial assistance.