POST TIME: 22 August, 2019 09:37:25 AM
Spider-Man: Sony ‘disappointed’ over Disney split
Independent Online/ BBC

Spider-Man: Sony ‘disappointed’ over Disney split

Sony says it’s “disappointed” not to be working with Disney on future Spider-Man films.

We might not see actor Tom Holland in new Marvel movies because a fresh deal can’t be reached over the character.

The film rights to the superhero are owned by Sony - but he could appear in movies like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ due to a deal between Sony and Marvel Studios - owned by Disney.

Sony says it hopes things “might change in future”.

In a series of tweets, Sony thanked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige for his “help and guidance” with the franchise.

Feige played a big creative role in the last two Spider-Man films, starring British actor Tom Holland, and successfully integrated the webslinger into its multi-billion dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s film critic Ali Plumb points out that Tom is still contracted to Sony for two more films so “this doesn’t mean we’re not going to see him anymore” but the movies might look different.

“There’s more of a risk for these new, only-Sony Spider-Man movies not being as good as previous Disney-made Spider-Man films.”

But it could be an opportunity for Sony to be more “adventurous” and “edgy”, Ali says, even if they can’t reference other MCU characters.