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Afghanistan jolted by violence yet again

Afghanistan jolted by violence yet again

The attack on a wedding ceremony by extremists of IS, which left 63 people dead, is proof once more that the intolerant and destructive face of a distorted interpretation of religion continues to upend social harmony and peace. The savage suicide bombing comes at a time when the Taliban, Afghan government and the USA are trying to forge an agreement for a peaceful future plus the reduction of American forces in the war torn and severely volatile country. Peace has eluded Afghanistan since the late seventies when the country became the clashing point for Cold War rivals, The USSR and the USA.

Though the Soviets left in the face of an internal insurgency supported by the US, the country never managed to come back to normalcy with disparate warlords fighting against one another and the Taliban imposing a regressive rule. While the Talibans are no longer in power, they have a formidable role and unless a compromise is reached with them, stability in the country will continue to be a chimera.

Obviously, the recent brutal suicide attack at a wedding only exacerbates the situation, showing that there are those who are opposed to any peaceful solution. There cannot be any dialogue with IS simply because this organisation believes in and propagates death, killing and destruction. So many years of military intervention in Afghanistan and other parts of the world has shown that IS’s deadly ideology can influence and proselytize love wolves across the world and countering the damage caused by such individuals is almost impossible for government bodies or law enforcers. The practical approach should be to enhance security in Afghanistan at all social events and raise a militia from the people who will be given charge of ensuring security at their own events.

 It is clear that US presence in Afghanistan fuels a lot of resentment and maybe the driving force behind IS attacks. It may be in the interest of all if foreign forces leave the country and allow the leaders of different clans to forge unity and hold elections. If necessary, UN forces can be deployed so elections can be held without violence. The evil presence of IS can only be tackled when the country’s people unite to take a stand against all forms of extremism. While the onus to create unity lies on Afghans, it must be noted that it’s impolitic to intervene in the affairs of another state simply by virtue of military might. The indoctrination of toxic ideology has to be contained through reason and proper interpretation of faith.