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Steps must to augment tree plantation

Steps must to augment
tree plantation

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam, MP, while inaugurating a three-day fruit tree fair at Bagha Upazila Parishad premises in Rajshahi  recently said that massive tree plantation could help reduce carbon emission to a substantial level and that is very important to face the adverse impact of climate change. He identically mentioned that there is no alternative to create more forest area which needs creating awareness among the public in general so that they can contribute to this field effectively.

Due to pressure of overpopulation, Bangladesh is facing shortage of agricultural lands. This situation has stemmed from construction of dwelling houses, establishment of industries and unplanned urbanization. Area of forest lands is also declining every year. The importance of forest resources of a country is vital for maintaining the balance of nature, environment, ecology and biodiversity. That forests cover only seven per cent of the total lands of the country is a disturbing piece of news. In the interest of environment forest areas should be 30 per cent of the total lands of a country. Unfortunately, we do not have that. And the trees that protect environment are being cut down mercilessly.    

The past few years saw a spree of looting valuable trees in the country through forming a nexus of dishonest forest officials and employees, members of the law enforcement agencies and timber traders.   Hundreds of saw mills have sprung up in different places of the country without valid documents. The illegal timber traders and their cohorts made quick bucks inflicting a serious blow to the environment.    

Trees are also being burnt in brick kilns indiscriminately for burning bricks despite the ban on the use of the same.   A section of owners of brick fields are engaged in this malpractice. If the present trend of widespread destruction of trees goes on in the country, it will leave a serious impact on the environment, ecology and biodiversity of the country.  Concerted efforts of all to augment afforestation in the country are the need of the hour.  Students of schools, colleges and universities should be involved in tree plantation in a massive way. Organising tree fair from the district town to the upazila level can create awareness among people about tree plantation.