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Bobby’s latest film ‘Beporowa’ appreciated
DL Reporter, Dhaka

Bobby’s latest film ‘Beporowa’ appreciated

Popular actress Eamin Haque Bobby-starrer latest film ‘Beporowa’ has earned appreciation from the viewers after its release on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Directed by Raja Chanda, the film is currently being screened in more than 50 cinemas across the country. Young actor Roshan appeared opposite bobby in the film. The viewers accepted the on-screen chemistry of Bobby and Roshan in ‘Beporowa’, the actress informed. The viewers also admired her chemistry with popular hero Shakib Khan in the film ‘Nolok’ during last Eid-ul-Fitr. “I am always grateful to the viewers. Because of their fascination, I only act in the films with wonderful stories. My latest film ‘Beporowa’ contains such a beautiful story. The performance of Roshan and me could touch the hearts of the viewers—this is ultimately a matter of pleasure for me,” Bobby said about her new film ‘Beporowa’.

However, today is Bobby’s birthday. DhakaLive has news that mainly for two reasons, the actress has no plan to celebrate the occasion. The first reason is very pathetic. She lost her father on April 5 this year. The second reason is her mother went to perform this year’s Hajj. Altogether, Bobby will surely feel very lonely on her first birthday without her dearest father.

Beside spending the day in her own way, the actress will feed a group of orphans in the capital’s Shawrapara after the Zuhr prayer for the salvation her father’s soul.  Bobby-starrer films (released) are ‘Khoj The Search’, Bijli’, ‘One Way’, ‘Dehorokkhi’, ‘Rajatto’, ‘Action Jesmine’, Full & Final’, ‘Inchi Inchi Prem’, Hero the Superstar’, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Swapna Chhoya’.