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Effective steps needed to combat erosion

Effective steps needed 
to combat erosion

It is worrying to note that river erosion leaves thousands of people landless every year in our country. It is a common problem in the country that jeopardizes life of people. According to a report of this newspaper yesterday, the Teesta River in Kurigram district has turned turbulent amid recession of its water level, devouring over 50 houses in just one week. According to local people some 9.58 lakh flood-affected people in the vicinities of 16 rivers, including Brahmaputra, Teesta, Dhorla and Dudhkumar of Kurigram are facing immense sufferings due to floods and the subsequent recession of water over the last three weeks.

As stated in the report, the erosion could not be stopped even though the WDB dumped GO bags for the past one and a half months. Many erosion-affected people are passing their days in inhuman condition under the open sky. It is natural that due to erosion extreme poverty grips the people who have once been prosperous. Displaced by riverbank erosion thousands of people are exposed to worst sufferings. Returning to normal life for these ill-fated people is quite impossible. Erosion contributes to spurt in the number of beggars and floating people. They are adding to the problems of the already hard-pressed urban life. The government’s poverty alleviation programme will be futile unless the problems of the displaced people are addressed.  

Successive governments have made efforts to tame river erosion with little success. It is imperative for the relevant authorities to take effective measures to combat erosion. Accumulation of silts in the river bed due to absence of dredging is the main cause of erosion. The major rivers of the country have been silted, affecting navigability and causing erosion. The flow of the rivers can be increased through dredging. By dumping sand bags erosion can be checked temporarily.

Undertaking projects like river training, river dredging and hydraulic engineering can help reduce and combat river erosion effectively. Emergency relief materials should be sent to the erosion victims. There should be long term plan to rehabilitate the victims. Newly accreted char lands may be distributed among them. There is no alternative to combating river erosion on a permanent basis.