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Two-day screening of ‘Shuttle Train’ at EMK Center
DL DESK, Dhaka

Two-day screening of ‘Shuttle Train’ at EMK Center

A two-day film screening of the film titled ‘Shuttle Train’, the first crowd funded full length feature film based on Chittagong University (CU), will begin today at the EMK Center in Dhanmondi of the capital.

Based on the story titled ‘Bahe Samantaral’ by Mohsena Jharna, who was a student of 36th batch of CU, Pradip Ghosh, also a former student of 34th batch of the university’s Fine Arts Department, has directed the film.

The film ‘Shuttle Train’ focuses on the natural beauty of Chittagong University, students’ love-affairs, separation-breakage and the various aspects of the campus, the director informed.

Funded by the former students of the university, the cast of the film includes the current and former students of the university. Also, the students have lent their vocals to the all eight original songs of the film.

Where: EMK Center: 9th Floor, Midas Center, Road 27, Dhanmondi

When: 3pm, today and tomorrow