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JP chairman wants to bring in good politics
Shamim A. Zahedy, Dhaka

JP chairman wants to bring in good politics

The new chairman of Jatiya Party, GM Quader, has said his first job is to bring discipline to the party to offer good politics to the people. “We have to create scopes for honest people to do politics through establishing democratic values within the parties,” Quader told The Independent in an exclusive interview on Saturday at the party’s Banani office in the capital.

Asked whether the Jatiya Party will be able to play an effective role as an opposition in parliament given the fact that the party belongs to the ruling Awami League-led grand alliance, Quader said his party will try to play its due role, adding,” … the language of criticism won’t be typical and it’s not possible as only a few days ago we have waged elections campaigns together.”

About the Jatiya Party’s stance to side with Awami League in the recent politics of Bangladesh, the 70 plus years old chairman said the Awami League needs Jatiya Party to improve its support base as the JP has blessings of the rightists, which ultimately makes Awami League stronger with combination of leftist and rightist

support bases. Traditionally, the Awami League tilts towards the leftists while the BNP and Jatiya Party tilt towards the rightists, explained Quader, a mechanical engineer by profession, who joined politics in 1996 quitting his Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation job.

Quader, younger brother of party founder HM Ershad, also said he is all for changes to Article 70 of the constitution, allowing MPs to speak their minds save issues such as no confidence motions in parliament.  Quader, an MP from Lalmonirhat 3 constituency, explained, “I’ve said it already that in our system of parliamentary democracy introduced in 1991, the government takes it all, leaving nothing for the opposition.”

“It’s all set in a template, results are ‘predestined’: the government will always win; the opposition knows it will lose. It’s a kind of a fixed match.”       

Asked about his optimism regarding democracy in Bangladesh, Quader said, “We are not going through the right process. I understand it is not possible to get 100 percent marks in democracy. But we have to achieve the pass marks, which could be 30 or 35 percent.”


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