POST TIME: 21 July, 2019 08:26:40 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 21 July, 2019 12:28:33 PM
Hajj pilgrims suffer for visa complexity

Hajj pilgrims suffer for visa complexity

The Hajj pilgrims are suffering in the Ashkona Hajj Camps due to a delay in getting visas owing server complexity and as the agencies not renting houses in Saudi Arabia. The Hajj pilgrims have to wait for two to three additional days in the camp which increases spike in their sufferings.

Many of the pilgrims are missing their scheduled flights as they do not have the visa while some of the pilgrims fly from Chittagong airport skipping the one in Dhaka where they have to get new tickets. In contrary, Hajj officials are on the view the government wants to avoid any untoward situation over Hajj, one of the holiest events for the Muslims globally, this year.

They said, the religious affairs ministry has taken different measures like holding talks with private Hajj agency owners regarding air tickets for pilgrims, accommodation in Saudi Arabia and deposition of Muallem fee, among others.