POST TIME: 20 July, 2019 08:23:54 AM
‘Sobar Ekta Galpo Thakey’ to air tonight

‘Sobar Ekta Galpo Thakey’ to air tonight

A scene from the telefim ‘Sobar Ekta Galpo Thakey’ . Photo : courtesy

A special telefilm titled ‘Sobar Ekta Galpo Thakey’ will be aired tonight. Written by Shafiqur Rahman Shantnu and directed by Dipu Hazra, the cast of the telefilm includes popular artistes Abdun Noor Sajal, Aparna Ghosh, Maha and Kalyan Corraya, among others.

The story of the telefilm centres around three best friends, namely, Tisha, Maya and Nayeem. They make a sudden plan for a trip to Nepal. When Maya and Nayeem has no problem with making the trip, a conservative family becomes an obstacle for Tisha. Her family does not even let her go outside Dhaka, let alone go outside the country. Also, Tisha is soon to get married.

In such a situation, Maha and Tisha convince Tisha’s father to given them permission as they will not be able to make such trips once married.

Getting permission, the three friends pack their bags and leave for Nepal. However, Tisha’s fiancé Jhony surprises the trio in the middle of the trip and arrives in Nepal. Tisha, however, treats the surprise as an invasion of the trio’s privacy and the story takes a turn from there.

DhakaLive has news that model-actress Nazia Haque Orsha will be seen in the telefilm playing a special role. The telefilm will be aired tonight at 8:30pm on Maasranga TV. l