POST TIME: 17 July, 2019 09:53:23 AM
‘BCB should try local coaches for nat’l team’

‘BCB should try local coaches for nat’l team’

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has engaged foreign coaches over the years, but it is high time they try a local coach to groom the national team, said cricket expert and former BKSP teacher Nazmul Abedeen Fahim.

Abedeen also said the BCB should choose the coach from among a number of talented as well as experienced local coaches.

The process of bringing in local coaches should start by screening those involved in middle or lower-level coaching and gradually promoting them to top-level coaching, he added.

Fahim expressed belief that if the BCB gives the local coaches a chance, they would gradually learn how to handle the national team.

“There are definitely some talented as well as experienced coaches in our country. If the BCB keeps faith in them, they could be handed the responsibility of top-level coaching,” he said.

“Even though we employed overseas coaches for the past few years, we've not really achieved a lot of success. We should give local talents a chance to prove themselves,” Fahim told The Independent at his BCB office at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium (SBNCS) in Mirpur.

“I think time has come to try local coaches and see how they fare. They can bring better results. I believe if the BCB gives them the responsibility, they’ll prove their worth,” he added.  

Former national captains Khaled Mahmud Sujon, Aminul Islam Bulbul and Khaled Mashud Pilot coupled with BKSP teacher-coach Mohammad Salahuddin are in the line to be the national team coach. Of them, Sujon played an interim role of head coach for the national side on several occasions. This time he might be discharged the interim head coach of the Bangladesh team in their imminent series in Sri Lanka.

Of late, Sujon-a BCB director also-expressed his desires to work for the national team on long-term basis if the board agreed he abdicates his directorship to avert the conflict of interest (if needed).

“We must lower our dependence on foreign coaches if we want to develop the country’s cricket. Our local coaches are now working at lower, middle and lower-middle levels. If we appoint them at the top level, they would be motivated and take it as a challenge to achieve success,” he added.

Citing the example of Shakib Al Hasan, Fahim said: “If players like Shakib can be produced in our country, we can also produce a good coach. I strongly believe that a local coach would know the pulse of our players and their potential much better. He would also be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the players. These are very critical for a coach.”

He also said that there are some good coaches in the country who are involved in first-class cricket like BPL and DPL.  

“The BCB must now seriously think about the issue. In fact, India and Australia have been doing this,” he added.

“A good coach will try to understand his disciples and what they need for their development,” he explained.

“A player may have an extraordinary career, but he may not be a good coach. The ability to coach others is completely different,” he said.

“The mentality and culture of the players in the sub-continent is also completely different. Every foreign coach needs to understand. But it takes quite some time,” he added.

Regarding the matter of local coaches' inclusion in the national fold, BCB director Jalal Younus said that they told Sujon to assist Jimmy Siddons but he left it sulking with Siddons in 2010.

If he would work with the national team, he could be head coach now.

Even they sent mail from the board proposing Bulbul to be academy coach. Unfortunately, Bulbul didn't answer yet.