POST TIME: 16 July, 2019 08:54:27 AM
Mithila and Irfan together in their first tele-drama
Drama is written and directed by Gautam Kauri

Mithila and Irfan together in their first tele-drama

Photo Courtesy: Mohsin Ahmed

Popular model-actress Mithila and new generation actor Irfan Sazzad will be seen in one frame for the first time through a tele-drama titled ‘Chhoto Pakhi’. Written and directed by Gautam Kauri, the family-oriented tele-drama has been produced to be aired in the upcoming Eid.

DhakaLive has news that the shooting of ‘Chhoto Pakhi’ has already been concluded recently.

Earlier shared screen together in a television commercial, the artiste duo will be seen playing the role of a married couple in this tele-drama.

Gautam Kauri said about the story, “‘Chhoto Pakhi’ is a family-oriented drama. Mithila and Irfan will be seen as a married couple. The drama has tried to depict the unhappy married life of the couple living in the current modern society. A beautiful solution to the problem has also been portrayed in the drama as well.”

Working with Gautam for the first time, Mithila said, “This is my collaboration with both Gautam Kauri and Irfan for any TV drama. During shooting, I found them very supportive. Without a doubt, Gautam Kauri is a good director and Irfan is a fine actor. While watching the drama on TV, the viewers will notice our well-organised teamwork.”

“I have earlier worked under Gautam Kauri’s direction. However, this is my first drama project with Mithila. She is a genuine actress. Her affable nature helps to perform smoothly. I hope the viewers will appreciate our on-screen chemistry in the drama,” Irfan shared his experience of working with Mithila.

The tele-drama ‘Chhoto Pakhi’ is likely to be aired on NTV in the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.