POST TIME: 15 July, 2019 03:26:46 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 16 July, 2019 10:05:00 AM
Murder in the courtroom
Accused stabs another to death in Cumilla
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Murder in the courtroom

Cumilla Court. Photo: UNB

A murder suspect was chased and stabbed to death by another suspect in front of the judge inside a courtroom in Cumilla yesterday, raising questions about the security in courtrooms. The incident took place in the courtroom of Fatema Ferdous, the third additional judge of Cumilla, around 11.30am.

The deceased was identified as Faruk, 28, while the attacker, Hassan, was another suspect in the case and also his cousin. Following the incident, Judge Fatema Ferdous told reporters: “An accused has been killed in front me. The attacker could have attacked me as well! Are we safe in here?"

Faruk and Hassan, both accused in a murder case, were present in the courtroom for hearing, said Cumilla police super Syed Nurul Islam.

 Additional public prosecutor (APP) Nurul Islam said: “Both Faruk and Hassan were accused in a case filed over the murder of Haji Abdul Karim in Manoharganj upazila in 2013. The accused persons, who were on bail, appeared before the court on Monday for a hearing.”

“The killer has been detained. Security has been strengthened on the court premises,” he added.

“At one stage of court proceedings, Hasan (accused No 8) started chasing Faruk (accused No 4) with a knife. He started stabbing Faruk indiscriminately in the courtroom. Faruk rushed into the judge’s room to save his life. But Faruk chased him there and continued to stab him,” a source said.

 Public prosecutor Liakat Ali told reporters that the victim (Faruk) tried to hide under a table inside the judge’s chamber.

But the killer continued to repeatedly stab him there, he said.

 Faruk was severely injured and taken to the Cumilla Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) where the on-duty physician declared him dead on arrival.