POST TIME: 15 July, 2019 10:07:02 AM
‘Ghumanto Shohorey’ on air from July 21
Shatabdi Wadud, Mili and Bhabna in lead roles

‘Ghumanto Shohorey’ on air from July 21

(From left) Mili, Shatabdi Wadud and Bhabna. Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed

A new drama serial titled ‘Ghumanto Shohorey’ is all set to go on air from July 21 on NTV. Written by Matia Banu Shaku, the drama is directed by Nazrul Islam Raju.  

National Film Award winner actor Shatabdi Wadud, talented actress Farhana Mili and popular actress Ashna Habib Bhabna will be seen playing lead roles in the drama serial.

Made with the stories from everyday life, the shooting of the first phase (16 episodes) of ‘Ghumanto Shohorey’ has already been completed recently.

Director Nazrul Islam Raju said about the drama, “I always try to direct drama which narrates the story of life. ‘Ghumanto Shohorey’ contains such a present-day story. I make the dramas for the audience from all walks of life. I thank the artistes, who work in my projects around the year, for their cordial cooperation.”

Regarding the Raju’s direction, Shatabdi Wadud said, “Without a doubt, Raju Bhai (Nazrul Islam Raju) is a talented director who gets the work done with a cool head. Artistes also work in his projects eagerly. This is his ultimate achievement!”

“I earlier worked in Nazrul Islam Raju-directed drama ‘Made in Bangladesh’. With a lot of arrangement, he works cordially. Thus, the story of the drama comes out beautifully,” said Farhana Mili.

Bhabna said on her part, “In the drama serial, I have played the role of a parlour girl. This is a unique character. I really liked working in ‘Ghumanto Shohorey’.”