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HC seeks list of unfit vehicles, owners’ details

HC seeks list of unfit vehicles, owners’ details

The High Court (HC) yesterday ordered the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) to submit a detailed list of district-wise vehicles without fitness certificates, drivers without renewed licences and names of vehicle owners within one month. It also asked the BRTA authorities to submit a report on the action taken against defaulters.

The HC bench of Justice Md Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice KM Hafizul Alam gave the directives during the hearing on a suo motu rule issued by it on March 27 this year.  

It also exempted BRTA director (road dsafety) Sheikh Md Mahbub-E-Rabbani from personal appearance before the court in view of his presence before it yesterday morning as per a previous order. After appearing before the court, Rabbani, through his lawyer barrister Moyeen Firozee, stated that around 4.58 lakh registered vehicles were plying across the country without fitness

certificates. According to a BRTA report, 1.68 lakh registered vehicles are plying on the roads in Dhaka without renewing their fitness certificates. Moreover, there are around 4,018,000 registered vehicles in the country and among them 1,442,860 are in Dhaka alone.

After receiving the report, the HC rebuked the BRTA and police, asking them why such vehicles were being allowed to ply.

The HC bench observed that unfit vehicles are operating right under the nose of police. Road accidents are taking place in the country as the officials concerned have not taken appropriate action to stop running of unfit vehicles by drivers without valid licence.

It ordered the BRTA to explain in the report about the steps that have been taken against unfit vehicles and unlicensed drivers.

The HC set July 23 for passing further order on the issue.

Deputy attorney general AKM Aminuddin Manik appeared for the state.

On March 27, the HC had asked the authorities concerned to submit a report before it on unfit and unregistered vehicles plying on the streets and on drivers without valid licences.

It had also asked BRTA director Mahbub-E-Rabbani to appear before it and provide an explanation. It further asked why directives should be given to implement the relevant laws, including the Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1983.

Under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1983, vehicles must undergo mandatory fitness checks every year. However, the BRTA said a total of 71,218 vehicles have not had their fitness certificates renewed in 10 years and many of those pose serious risks of accidents.

Unfit vehicles are a key reason behind road accidents, a major issue in the country now, especially after last year’s massive student protests demanding safer roads. Tens of thousands of students had taken to the streets in Dhaka and other cities following the death of two college students in a road accident in the capital on July 29.

At least 4,439 people were killed in 3,103 accidents last year mainly due to faulty vehicles, according to Nirapad Sarak Chai, a road safety campaigner.