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Shila has her hands full with multiple films
Actress to celebrate birthday today

Shila has her hands full with multiple films

Shirin Shila, one of the promising actresses in the country’s film industry, is now busy with multiple films. Having completed the work of Sadeq Siddiqui’s action film ‘Shahoshi Joddha’ recently, the young actress has her hands full with three more new films, ‘Darad’ directed by Apurba Rana, ‘Ek Koti Taka’ directed by Chotku Ahmed and ‘Amar Siddhanto’ directed by Md Aslam.

Moreover, Shila is going to start working in yet another new film titled ‘Velkibaji’ under the direction of Masum Babul.

DhakaLive has news that Shila will be seen playing as a police officer in Apurba Rana’s ‘Darad’.

Shila said about her latest film ‘Shahoshi Joddha’, “The story of ‘Shahoshi Joddha’ amazing. For the first time, I have worked in a female action heroine-based film like this. Actor Emon is my hero here. Besides, Sadika Parvin Popy and Amin Khan, among others, also acted in this project. We worked like a family in the film. I am optimistic about the project that the viewers will like our film.”

On the other hand, today is Shila’s birthday. The film actress intends to celebrate her birthday with her dearest and nearest ones at a restaurant in the capital. She sought blessings from everyone for her good health; so that, she could gift her fans and viewers all wonderful films with amazing stories.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed