POST TIME: 23 June, 2019 09:49:35 AM
No scope for Babita yet in new film

No scope for Babita yet in new film

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed

Internationally-acclaimed Bangladeshi actress Babita would act again in the film after a long time! A discussion surrounding her return to the big screen started in the country’s showbiz a couple of months ago.

Even, the veteran actress had held a meeting with a film director at her residence about working in the film. In that regard, she gave some corrections about her character. But ultimately, the things didn’t go in Babita’s way and the character failed to fulfil her desire. So ultimately, the very incident pushed the celebrated actress away from returning to the big screen.

So, the fans and viewers have to wait again to see Babita in any film in the future. Even, there is a doubt whether she would be given any chance to return to the film with an appropriate character she is longing for! Still, there is no hope as most of the films are currently being produced revolving the characters of young heroes and heroines.

On the other hand, the country’s cinema industry has yet to start the trend of making films surrounding seasoned-actress like Babita. This is why, veteran actresses like Shabnam, Suchanda, Kabori, Sujata and Sucharita have not been seen working in any film for a long time.

At the same time, the film producers over time are losing their interest in making films as the number of cinema halls is decreasing in the country. In a situation like this, it seems quite a big challenge for making films featuring stories only about the senior artistes.

Babita said about making films with the senior artistes like her, “I believe that still there are viewers for cinema. The viewers always want to watch films based on good stories. If we look at our neighbouring country, India, still Amitabh Bachchan is working regularly in their film industry. The stories are being written surrounding him. Also, many films were made centering the character of Sridevi. Why we can’t do so?”

“I believe we have talented storywriters and filmmakers in our industry. What we lack actually is the only initiative. If a proper initiative is taken, it would be possible to make films with the artiste like us”, the actress added.

However, Babita was seen appearing in Nargis Akter-directed film ‘Putro Ekhon Paisawala’ for the last time. The actress is currently working as a goodwill ambassador with Distress Children Infant International for the last few years.