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‘Mohamaya’, a story of a blind couple
Apurba, Mehazabien portray lead roles

‘Mohamaya’, a story of 
a blind couple

A scene from the tele-drama ‘Mohamaya’. Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed

Known for making tele-dramas and telefilms with unique stories, director Sumon Anwar has made another unique tele-drama titled ‘Mohamaya’ casting popular small-screen pair Ziaul Faruq Apurba and Mehazabien Chowdhury in lead roles.

Written by the director himself, the tele-drama is about a couple who are blind, yet living a married life with their child. In the drama, Apurba plays the blind husband Shahid’s character while Mehazabien will be seen portraying Kona’s character, who is the blind wife.

DhakaLive has news that the shooting of ‘Mohamaya’ has already been concluded.

Apurba, who recently lost his younger brother, went on a short break to stabilise himself. He returned to work with the shooting of ‘Mohamaya’.

About the story, Apurba said, “The story of Mohamaya is really unique. I have never performed in such a drama before. Playing a blind man for the entire time in the drama is a challenging task for any artiste.”

“Sumon Anwar helped me a lot and he is without a doubt a talented director,” Apurba said, adding he really liked working under Anwar’d direction.

Working under the direction of Sumon Anwar for the first time, Mehazabien said, “This was my first acting venture with Sumon Anwar. He tried to portray the story of how a blind couple could live their life in an amazing manner. I really enjoyed working in the drama. I am optimistic about the tele-drama.”

‘Mohamaya’ will be aired on a satellite TV channel during the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.