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Crab farming brings big fortune in Patuakhali

Crab farming brings big fortune in Patuakhali

Crab farming in the coastal areas of Patuakhali is becoming increasingly profitable. Though the government has not provided much assistance, many people have achieved financial success and are earning their living by growing crabs. Crab export is an emerging sector in Bangladesh and it is the second biggest revenue earner among all fish exports for the country. Thousands of people in the coastal areas are therefore attracted to crab farming.

 Large areas of mangrove forests in Patuakhali district are suited for crab production. The salinity level required for crab farming is 15 to 30ppt and water temperature must be between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius. March to December is the right time for cultivating crabs. Fisheries experts say the cultivation of crabs in char areas of the district will be profitable.

Musharraf Sardar of Charlakshmi village and Sudhan Chandra Shil of Charmontaj village of Galachipa upazila earned Tk 68,000 by growing crabs in two small ponds. They said they had taken one more pond on lease this year.

Musharraf Sardar said: “Producing two to three tons of crabs per hectare is possible with proper care and adequate feeding.”

Azad Sathi, owner of the Charmontaj Fisheries Depot, said hundreds of tons of crabs worth more than Tk 2.8 million in the local market were produced in Galachipa. He added thousands of people are engaged in crab farming from March to December to earn their living.

Galachipa Upazila Fisheries Officer Mozammel Haque said, “We are taking necessary steps to encourage crab farming in a scientific way.”