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‘Hasonjaner Raja’ on BSA stage Thursday

‘Hasonjaner Raja’ 
on BSA stage Thursday

A scene from the play ‘Hasonjaner Raja’. Photo : jaki zaman

Prangonemor, one of the leading theatre troupes in the country, is going to stage its new play titled ‘Hasonjaner Raja’ at the National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) in Segun Bagicha (BSA) of the capital on June 13.

The play, which is the 13th production of the troupe, is based on the life of famous Bengali poet, mystic philosopher and songwriter from Sylhet, Hason Raja.

Written by eminent writer Shakoor Majid, ‘Hasonjaner Raja’ has been directed by Ananta Hira. The different roles of the play will be played by Ramiz Razu, Awal Reza, Mainul Tawhid, Sagor Roy, Shuvechchha Rahman, Jewel Rana, Asha, Prokriti, Preeti, Sujay, Niru, Sumon, Badhon and Ruma.

Fayez Jahir has designed the stage for the play, while popular singer Selim Chowdhury is the music advisor and music of the play is planned by Thandu Raihan. Besides, Taufiq Azim Robin is in lighting design and Nuna Afroz is the costume designer.

Where: BSA, Segun Bagicha

When: 7pm, Thursday