POST TIME: 9 June, 2019 11:07:53 AM
Kuakata sees tourist surge during Eid vacation
Scenery at the time of sunrise and sunset is breathtaking at Kuakata sea beach, which is about 20km from the Sudarban mangrove forests

Kuakata sees tourist surge during Eid vacation

Tourists from different parts of the country visit Kuakata beach in Patuakhali to enjoy their Eid holidays. The photo was taken on Thursday. Independent Photo

A large number of tourists are now at the Kuakata tourist spot to enjoy their Eid vacation.

The Patuakhali district administration and law enforcing agencies have taken several security measures in view of the tourist surge.

 The natural beauty of the place and accommodation and other facilities at Kuakata have attracted tourists looking for a refreshing break.

The scenery at the time of sunrise and sunset is breathtaking at the Kuakata sea beach, which is about 20 km from the Sundarbans mangrove forests.

Kuakata sea beach is very attractive. It is more calm and virgin than that of Cox’s Bazar. It is situated in the district of Patuakhali, which is considered the southernmost point of Bangladesh. It is the only place in the country where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset from the same sandy sea beach of the Bay of Bengal.

Kuakata is a place of incomparable natural beauty. Many picnic spots, a long beach, tamarisk garden, coconut garden, eco-park, and fishermen’s villages are always ready for tourists.

Now, thousands of local and foreign tourists are gathering at Kuakata. Every day tourists belonging to different social classes are arriving with their families. The entire beach is now humming with people and children.

Mizanur Rahman Bulet, president of the Kuakata Press Club, said the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Kuakata during the Eid vacation was huge.

Ruman Imtiaz Tushar, managing director of the Kuakata tourism and Kuakata Elish Park, said all hotels, picnic spots and places of tourist attraction were well decorated.

Hotel owners, restaurant owners, and motorcycle and motorised boat renting outlets did brisk business.

Mainul Haque, Patuakhali police super, said, “I have advised the Kuakata tourist police unit, Kalapara PS, Mahipur PS and Kuakata naval police out the post to ensure security for tourists in Kuakata during the Eid vacation.