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Chicken, red meat prices high as Eid nears

Chicken, red meat prices high as Eid nears

A customer buys fish from Kaptan Bazaar kitchen market in the capital yesterday. Focus Bangla Photo

Broiler and red chicken became pricier in the last week in the city markets ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.

But prices of different vegetables and broiler eggs showed a downward trend during that period. Besides, prices of other essential commodities, especially garlic and ginger, remained high throughou last week.

A visit to the city's kitchen markets, including Karwan Bazar, showed that the price of broiler chicken increased by Tk. 5–10 a kg. The price of red layer chicken went up by Tk. 40–50 per kg yesterday.  

Broiler chicken was being sold for Tk. 155–160 a kg as against last week's Tk. 145–150. Red layer chicken (small size) was selling for Tk. 230–280 per piece, even though it was sold last week for Tk. 180-220. Besides, Pakistani chicken was being sold for Tk. 250–320 per piece. Local chicken was selling for Tk. 450–500 a kg.  

A chicken trader, Rashid, said chicken prices increased due to a hike in demand ahead of Eid. “We are forced to sell chicken at high rates as we had to buy in a high rate. But hopefully, chicken prices will go down after Eid,” he added.  

However, vegetable prices showed a downward trend. Most vegetables were being sold for Tk. 40–50 a kg, even though they had retailed for Tk. 60–70 last week.

Summer vegetables like pointed gourd were selling for Tk. 35–40 per kg, okra for Tk. 40-45, bitter gourds for Tk. 40-50 and taro plant for Tk. 35–40 a kg yesterday.

Winter vegetables almost disappeared from the market. Only tomato was available for Tk. 30–35 a kg.

Sponge gourds were being sold for Tk. 40–45 a kg and snake gourds for Tk. 40–50. Eggplants were selling for Tk. 40–50 a kg, bottle gourds for Tk 40–45 a piece, ladies finger for Tk. 25–30 a kg, papaya for Tk. 50–60 and cucumber for Tk. 30–35.

Sweet pumpkins were selling for Tk. 40–60 per piece, while green

chillies were being sold for Tk. 70–80 a kg. Potatoes were selling for Tk. 20–25 a kg.

Customers complained that some unscrupulous traders were making hefty profits as they knew that people would buy some items even at a higher price during Ramadan.

“Vegetable prices are decreasing in the markets thanks to adequate supplies. The prices will go down even further,” Romjan Ali, a retailer at the Kawran Bazar kitchen market, told The Independent.

The price of broiler chicken eggs went down. They sold for Tk. 85-90 a dozen, registering a decrease of Tk. 10 from last week.  

However, the price of ginger, both local and imported varieties, remained high over the last week.  Both varieties was selling for Tk. 120–150 a kg yesterday, marking a 10 per cent hike from the price of last week. Imported garlic was trading for Tk. 120–150 a kg, while the local variety was selling for Tk 80–100 a kg at retail markets, registering a 10–19 per cent hike in a week.

Traders attributed this price hike to a rise in the import cost and the rising demand for garlic and ginger.

However, buyers blamed a syndicate for the rising prices.  

Onion prices went down from the previous week. The item was selling for Tk. 25–30 per kg as against last week's Tk. 30–35.

The price of lentils remained high over the last week as it was being sold Tk. 120-130 per kg.

Chickpeas are very popular during Ramadan. Their price rose to Tk. 75–80 a kg, up by Tk. 5 since last week.  

The price of sugar increased to Tk. 52–58 per kg. Last week, it had been selling for Tk. 47–52 a kg.  

Though both Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) fixed the prices red meat, including beef, a day before the start of Ramadan, most meat shops are not following the price chart.

On May 6, the DSCC fixed beef prices at Tk. 525 a kg. But most meat traders were still selling beef for Tk. 550–560 a kg. Only some shops were selling beef for Tk. 525 a kg. Besides, the price of mutton was Tk. 750 a kg.

Fish prices also remained high over the week. Rohu was being sold for Tk. 350–600 per kg, tilapia for Tk. 150–180, pangas for Tk. 170–200, pabda for Tk. 600–700, wallago attu for Tk. 600–800 and catfish for Tk. 500–600.  

Prices of different varieties of rice remained unchanged over the week.