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Two bridges to spur development

Two bridges to spur development

The inauguration of two bridges on the Dhaka-Chattogram highway, the second Meghna and Gumti bridges prior to Eid holidays, is received with much enthusiasm by thousands of people who will be travelling via this road in less than 10 days. As Eid holidays kick off next week, people will start leaving the city, though for millions, the prospect of going back home this year will not conjure up images of tortuous hours stuck on long tailbacks, which in previous years were as long as 30 miles.

The bridges come at the perfect moment and what is more, in a country where delay in doing everything has become a dubious trademark, the bridges have come into operation seven months in advance. This is indeed a sign that economic progress in all spheres is making pivotal impact on the laidback and lethargic attitude which once defined this country. The Japanese government deserves gratitude from the people of Bangladesh since Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, provided Tk. 6430 crore of the total cost of Tk. 8486 crore.

These two bridges will also have a significant influence on socio economic development. Since time spent on the road will lessen, taking a variety of produces from Dhaka to Chittagong and vice versa will be done swiftly. This is especially important for items which are degradable. From another aspect, bridges always become centres of markets, bazaars plus restaurants and hotels, creating a new area on the highway for entrepreneurs to expand business and create employment.

While there is every reason to be optimistic about the bridges, attention has to be taken to ensure proper security presence around these structures. While the structures were inaugurated, improvement of lifestyle was underlined and there’s no denying that these will also make a valid cause for special economic zones, SEZs, which have been deemed as key requirements to attracting foreign investment.

For the time being, the biggest test of the bridges will be during Eid and if people going home are found to be satisfied then the main purpose of the bridge will have been served.