POST TIME: 22 May, 2019 02:06:07 AM
Penney lauds improvement of Bangladesh cricket team

Penney lauds improvement of Bangladesh cricket team

Trevor Lionel Penney, short-term fielding coach of the Bangladesh Cricket Board's (BCB's) under-19 set-up, said Bangladesh has improved a lot over the years.

Penney, once famous for his electrifying fielding, also said that they have made a lot of progress over time to become a force to reckon with and pose a threat for any team regardless of the nature of wickets and prevailing conditions.

“Despite being a good team, Bangladesh won matches only occasionally. Actually, they rarely used to beat top-tier teams. But in the last 10 years, Bangladesh have become a big team that pose a threat to the so-called big boys,” Penny told The Independent.

“They have improved very well. They have now got experience, skills and fitness. In a word, everything has become better. So, with the world cup coming up, the squad is definitely booming,” he said.

The former Zimbabwean player said good fielding for a team is essential for success. “I think, every team needs to improve its fielding. Even fielding has improved over the last 20-30 years. There is no doubt about that. Every team has worked on it,” he also said.

“Many teams are still working on improving their batting and fielding. They only put a little bit of emphasis  on fielding. But it is important like batting and bowling. I think Bangladesh, just like other top-notch teams, have improved in fielding,” he added.

The 50-year-old coach, who guided England (2005), Sri Lanka (2007) and India (2011) as their fielding coach, said that the obvious progress is not very obvious in the big and top-flight teams.

Citing the names of the teams of USA, Holland (the Netherlands) and Hong Kong, Penney said that it shows clearly in lower-level and rising teams. “I know big teams are well-placed. But teams like Holland, USA and Hong Kong have a lot to improve. In some ways, under-19 and lesser teams need to improve,” he said.

“When you deal with youngsters in a lesser team, you can effect a huge improvement because they are new to the game. They learn. It is positive for a coach,” he added.

When asked about his love for the coaching job, Penney said: “Cricket is a matter of skill. Sometimes you need to learn about it theoretically and practice regularly in different ways. And that's why I love cricket coaching.”

“I'll be back in December again for two weeks,” he added.

He said that his main objective is to improve various aspects of fielding. “Initially, I hope to work for the under-19 team. Now, in the next couple of months I will work on fielding. The under-19 camp began three days ago. I arrived yesterday. My objective is to really improve the fielding aspects. I will also work with them to improve their techniques, skills and make them aware of what they’re doing. So, I will get 14-16 days for the U-19 team. Hopefully, I will be able to make a difference,” he added.

“Attitude and approach is 90 per cent of the job. I worked with some of the guys in BPL when my side was Sylhet Sixers. These players want to improve. They have a great attitude,” he said.