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Incidents of stone-throwing at trains increase alarmingly

Incidents of stone-throwing at 
trains increase alarmingly

Victim Zishan lies on hospital bed in Rajshahi

Incidents of miscreants throwing stones at running trains have increased dangerously on various routes of the West Zone. According to Bangladesh Railway (West Zone) authorities, at least 30 incidents of stone-throwing have occurred over the past one year, leaving one dead and 10 others injured. Recently, the railway authorities were shocked when two children were seriously injured by stone-throwing.

Six spots on the Rajshahi-Dhaka route has been marked as particularly risky. Previous records show that most of the incidents occurred between the Isswardi Bypass station and the Shahid M Monsur Ali (West) station on this route. But the Jamtoil station and its adjacent areas are the red points among those spots, railway officials said. On May 5, Zishan, a four-year-old baby, was travelling with his parents on Padma Express to Dhaka from Rajshahi.

When they crossed the Jamtoil station in Sirajganj district, a sharp stone thrown at the train hit Zishan on the head, leaving him critically injured. He rushed to the Sirajganj Sadar Hospital. Doctors immediately sent him to the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) owing to profuse bleeding.

In another incident, 13-year-old Juthi was going to visit a doctor in Rajshahi from Bheramara in Kusthia district by Rocket Mail on the same night. She was also injured in a similar incident near the Iswardi station. She is now undergoing treatment at the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.

Dr Saiduzzaman, assistant registrar of the children's ward, said both children had suffered critical head injuries. A surgery had been performed on Zisan. A CT scan had been performed on both children.

Khondoker Shahidul Islam, general manager of the Bangladesh Railway West Zone, visited the children at the RMCH and took over the responsibility of their treatment. He told The Independent that some places had been marked as risky on the Rajshahi-Dhaka route because of stone-throwing.

He said they have ordered law enforcement agencies to find out the miscreants and bring them to justice. He also said they have learnt that some children throw stones at running trains as a game. It is important to build social awareness to prevent such incidents, he said. They have urged the Emams of those risky places to tell people about the dangers of stone-throwing at trains during the Khutba of the Jumma prayer. Placards, festoons and leaflets are also being distributed among the people to build social awareness, he added.

Recently, the saloon coach of the deputy speaker of Parliament,  attached to Rangpur Express, was also hit by stones near Jamtoil station.

But the deputy speaker was safe because the window glasses were sealed.

According to the information of the West Zone Railway, from July 2018 to March 2019, at least 30 incidents of stone-throwing had occurred. The incidents caused a huge loss to railway property and led to the death of an on-duty JTI of the Bangladesh Railway.