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Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak

The holy month of Ramadan begins today for Muslims all over the world with the message of sacrifice and abstinence. Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam. The best means to tame baser instincts and purification of soul is fasting. This holy month brings with it the message of bounty, peace and salvation. The spirit of sacrifice, tolerance and abstinence glorify this month that is known for achievement of divine mercy. The importance of Ramadan is immense as the Holy Quran was sent for the human being by the almighty Allah through Prophet Hazrat Mohammnad (SM) as the guidelines for the Muslims.

    According to the Holy Quran much can be achieved through fasting and prayers in this month. There is a night in this month that is called ‘Lailatul Qadr’ which is considered as better than prayers of a thousand months. Through prayers at that night a devotee can earn the blessings of the almighty Allah. This month is not only for keeping oneself away from eating, drinking and carnal desire during day time, it is also for self-purification and reining in all the baser instincts, avarice, malice and destructive activities detrimental to humanity. Ramadan teaches one to feel the pangs of hunger that is a constant companion for the poor and the destitute.  It teaches not to spend lavishly while the poor neighbours suffer the pangs of hunger. Fasting helps a Muslim fight all the evil propensities within him or her and makes him/her a true Muslim. Islam puts special emphasis on social interaction among the Muslims and Ramadan is the best time to promote fellow feeling and social cohesion.        

   But it is shocking to note that the teachings of this holy month hardly have any bearing on a section of people. They spoil the spirit of Ramadan through their intemperate behaviour. They become intolerant instead of exercising restraint. It is a common scenario that a section of greedy businessmen are   mainly responsible for high prices of essential commodities during this month. This is sheer violation of the spirit of Ramadan.

  The government has assured that the prices of essential commodities will remain stable during the month this year. We hope the assurance will be translated into action.  We wish a happy Ramadan for all the Muslims of Bangladesh and the Muslim Ummah.