POST TIME: 26 April, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Dhaka loses 5509 acres of flood zones

Dhaka loses 5509 acres of flood zones

Dhaka city has lost a quarter of 22038 acres conservable flood flow zones in the process of changing character of land with earth filling and sand filling since the gazette notification of Dhaka’s Detailed Area Plan in 2010. The capital city Dhaka in its 1,528-sq km area lost flood flow zones and wetlands respectively at an annual rate of 2,110 and 165 acres over the past decade ignoring the city’s master plan.

Experts and leading urban planners came up with the findings at a press conference jointly organised by Transparency International Bangladesh, Bangladesh (TIB) Bangladesh Institute of Planners, Bela, ALRD and Nodi O Poribesh Unnyan Parishad Savar held at city’s TIB office yesterday.

According to experts, the authorities concerned should have conserved the city’s flood flow zones and wetlands without any disturbance to comply with city’s master plan.

They further said that 57 of 154 acres conservable water retention areas were also lost in the name of development during the same period.

Professor Adil Mohhamed Khan, general secretary of Bangladesh Institute of Planners presented the keynote paper. In his keynote, Prof Khan said, nationally the country loses 42, 000 acres of arable and wetlands annually.

According to Khan, “conservation of water bodies like rivers and canals, wetlands, retention areas and flood flow zones are all vital to making development and urbanization sustainable with ecological balance.”

TIB executive director Dr Iftekharuzzaman said, “Such destructive work in the name of development occurred due to lack of governance foiled by a tripartite connivance of businessmen, law enforcers and political authority.”