POST TIME: 21 April, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Drive against small motorised vehicles on highway
BSS, Dinajpur

Drive against small motorised vehicles on highway

Police has imposed a ban on movement of small motorised vehicles on highways aimed at reducing road accident and ensuring road safety.

District police conducted a day-long drive on Dhaka-Dinajpur highway to seize unauthorized autobikes, hauman haulers namely ‘nasimon’, ‘bhotboti’ and other small size vehicles which are creating problems on highway transports.

Police Superintendent Syed Abu Sayem said the action would bring discipline on transport management on highways, reducing road accident.

Additional Police Superintendent Sushanta Sarker said more than hundred small vehicles were seized in the day-long drive in different points of the highway in addition to imposing penalty for breaking traffic rules during driving.

More than one hundred motorcycles were seized for violating traffic rules and driving without helmet, police said.